For patients

Hello. We wish to extend healthy life expectancy of not only patients who come to our clinic but also all patients who suffer osteoporosis and diabetes mellitus.
Thus, we would like to provide the information by YouTube.
We are going to upload videos as shown in the following:
・Osteoporosis~Why do you need treatment?~
・Risk factors of osteoporosis
・Bone mineral density measurement~Which part of body should be measured?~
・What is FRAX?
・Association with fall and sarcopenia
・What is frailty?
・Diet therapy
・Exercise therapy
・Drug treatment~Various drugs are there for osteoporosis~
・Dentist consultation~Japanese position paper for osteonecrosis of the jaw~
・How to do self-injection
・How to take bisphosphonate
Diabetes mellitus
・Diabetes mellitus~Why do you need treatment?~
・If you were pointed out abnormal blood glucose for the first time
・What is different among blood glucose, urine glucose and HbA1c?
・Importance of early treatment
・Association with life span and healthy life expectancy
・Pregnancy and diabetes mellitus
・Diabetic complications~What is diabetic microangiopathy~
・As a risk of atherosclerosis~How to prevent cardiovascular diseases?~
・Osteoporosis and diabetes mellitus
・Point of view; anti-diabetic drugs in Japan
・What is sick day?
・Treatment to target for elderly in Japan
・How to do self-injection of insulin
・How to do self-injection of other drugs
・How to do SBMG (Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose)